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Classroom Rentals

You can rely on Test zone Inc network of preferred facilities to ensure your training location meets the highest industry standards. Whether you're booking in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Middle east, UAE or any stop along the way, here's what you can expect from our locations:

  • All classrooms are located in Class A buildings in reputable neighbourhoods.
  • Our facilities have dedicated on-site technical and administrative support.
  • Your classroom locations will be customized to match your specific demands.
  • Rooms are equipped with high-speed Internet Access - 1MBps or faster.
  • We provide a flexible number of PCs with the latest technologies.
  • All of our classrooms are equipped with instructor workstations and an LCD projector.
  • You'll find break rooms, lunch facilities, telephones, and snacks machines to make your stay enjoyable.
  • Our full time certified classroom engineer can assist with software and classroom configuration.
  • Professional lunch can be provided at an addition cost, all handled by NIS.
  • We provide one point of contact for an entire nation of computer lab rental locations.
  • Even if you need several different locations, our event conductors handle all of the logistics which makes your job a lot easier.
  • Have some last minute training needs? We offer a 48 hour turnaround time from the time you request a computer lab rental.
  • Our 24-hour technical support hotline is available to help you with any issues that come up.
  • We follow a multi-point event checklist. This ensures that no step will be overlooked and that you will have everything that you need during your computer training facility rental.
  • The instructors won't have to spend their time setting up and can instead use that time to prepare for the classroom computer training.
  • The TEST ZONE INC can also take care of all of your catering needs. Whether you want a light snack or a full meal, we will handle the details.
  • We provide corporate training in all ERP and Software applications.
  • Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service. We want to be where you turn anytime you need a computer training facility.